Hannah Davison

UX/UI Designer


Hannah is an analytical designer with a user-focused mentality who loves using design-thinking and product psychology to solve complex problems. She is passionate about creating seamless experiences for users, enjoys presenting her design decisions, and is particularly interested in information architecture.

Hannah has an undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis and is certified in UX/UI Design through Springboard. She is also certified in Product Psychology and Agile Product Management and has an understanding of HTML and CSS.

Her past professional experiences include program management, communications, event planning, and paralegal work. She has extensive experience in the nonprofit and legal industries. In her free time, she is a fitness enthusiast, foodie, and avid concert goer. She also loves watercolor painting, international travel, and spending time with her tripod rescue dog.

Zak Helm

UX/UI Designer


Zak Helm is a multidisciplinary designer specializing in UI/UX, Graphic Design, F&B packaging, and brand design. After graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in Digital Art, Zak was a designer for Ruby Studio, a small creative agency based in Sri Lanka. At Ruby Studios, Zak collaborated with a small team of designers to provide brand strategy and development from start to finish. He has worked on design projects for businesses around the globe, ranging from the USA and Singapore to Sri Lanka and Australia.

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Mark Peterson

Lead UI/UX Designer

Cofounder & Senior Lead

Mark is currently a UX Design Lead and UX / UI Design mentor. His goal for both students and projects is similar in that he tends to listen intently to issues and challenges while guiding others to help achieve amicable results for every project that comes out of IDEA Software Studio. . His professional design career began during the Dotcoms and continues to this day. During most all of that time working on various projects, the experience of designing for those projects was that each was a unique challenge, and rarely was a templated out-of-the-box solution a viable option. Even while the industry was coming to grips with how to approach design with repeatable, results-oriented processes, instead of writing books or doing the lecture circuit he was hands-on working the problems of designing for mass-audiences.

 Over the years, he has worked with small, nimble start-ups to some of the largest multinational brands in the world. Each had a problem to solve and design challenges that required his attention to detail to transition the overly-complex or difficult to understand; into elegant simplicity with a holistic design approach to each of the challenges he faced. 

He began his computer experience in the early 80s as a Personal Computer enthusiast, using an acoustic modem handset with his first TRS-80 Model I (Level 2 with 16K of RAM!). Then afterward, owning an Apple II+, and Commodore 64 with 300 baud modems before moving to PC and being an avid user of BBS’s, ARPANet, FidoNet, CompuServe, AOL, then to the Internet and Usenet, and eventually to mobile phones and cloud-networks. 

A little-known fact about Mark that is not on his already extensive resume is that his earlier career path had him helping lead technical hardware teams in rolling out large-scale hardware, networks, and software installations when companies first began adopting File Server technology across the USA. His attention to detail and ability to find solutions to complex technical problems came in handy when he entered the dotcoms as a web designer and web developer to lead complete projects as a design consultant. The path of turning a hobby into a successful profession has kept him humble. He is more than grateful, that finally, people from across the world now see what he spent hours trying to get people to understand why he loved technology and the Internet – where now everyone sees what he saw so many years ago when only a few enthusiasts even understood it. 

In this capacity his design experience of designing software for most media types from small, start-ups to some of the largest multinational brands in the world. Each had a problem to solve along with its inherent design challenges that required attention to detail to help facilitate the inevitable transition of the overly-complex or difficult to understand; into a professional, elegant simplicity from a holistic design approach to each of the challenges faced during each project. He continues to mentor other designers although never once considering himself the master of any technology of design. As he understands the ever-evolving dynamics of technology. And realizes he will always be the eternal student of it as technology itself continues to refine and evolve and he in turn also evolves and refines his designs – to match. 

Mark always enjoys leading by example and working alongside others doing what he loves most—creating solutions that make the lives of those using the products more productive and enjoying a more enriching digital work and life experience. This obviously includes anyone using what he has designed for them. His love of creating design solutions and connecting with others for decades allows him to take his humble place as a fellow colleague, friend and trusted mentor to help other designers empathically find their place and path in the digital world around us.

Nathan Reinke

Product Designer


Nathan is a UI/UX designer who has a background in professional writing. While studying rhetoric in college, he learned that he was more interested about making papers look nice and easy to scan than actually writing them. As a result, pursuing a career in UX design was a no-brainer for him.

He has a passion for making complex information easy to understand and loves writing reports with images, figures, and multiple heading levels. His favorite part of UX research is data visualization, when he can be found gleefully turning survey data and user feedback into easy-to-read visual reports that contain fantastic insights, which are much appreciated by design teams.

He also always designed unique slides during college presentations and refused to use anything custom. He also made use of animations to help keep the audience engaged. Unsurprisingly, his second favorite aspect of UX is interaction design and creating smooth animations in Figma.

Weixin Gao

UX/UI Designer


Weixin is a UX Designer who enjoys developing user-friendly solutions for new and challenging design problems.

Before pursuing a career in UX design, Weixin had just graduated with a degree in Business Management and a minor in graphic design. With free time from the pandemic, Weixin was searching for new skills to learn and in the process stumbled upon the UX industry.

UX is a multidisciplinary field, consisting of design, psychology, problem-solving, and technology. This industry is continuously changing, being a naturally curious person, she thrives on being able to explore and uncover new things. Weixin is prepared to learn and improve along with it to create innovative products that can positively impact people’s lives.

Chandra Halma

User Researcher


She currently is a UX designer who works at IDEA Software to research and design practical user solutions for challenging problems. Chandra believes that design thinking and user research can bring an improved experience to any product or service.

Her most notable UX design experience was leading the Ukraine Charity website and conducting user-research with Ukrainians. Chandra is a formally trained UX designer who graduated from Springboard’s rigorous UX design program.

She majored in Accounting and was a teacher in South Korea for seven years. Her teaching and management background have helped her empathize with many users in her quest for optimally designed experiences.

Lydia Chin-wen

UX/UI Designer


Lydia is a UX designer who works with developer teams to deliver successful products. She believes the marriage between design and technology will help humans continue to thrive in the future and that a good design starts with a good ear to listen and genuine caring communication. She has been trained to understand the fundamental UX design methodologies and has put her knowledge into practice on design challenges in multiple sectors. Lydia holds a bachelor’s degree in Design from California State University, Long Beach.

Yulia Razkevych



Yulia is marketing consultant. Before the war in Ukraine started, she studied with passion everything about social media marketing and worked on the development of a project in the wellness industry. She developed a concept and strategy for promoting a new direction in the beauty service in her hometown Odessa. She also created a personal brand for a young cosmetologist in Odessa. She created a promotion strategy in social medias with the aim of greater recognition and further monetization of cosmetologist personal brand. Yulia loves marketing for the opportunity to implement the most daring creative ideas and inspire companies and brands to become recognizable and successful.

Annie Park

UX/UI Designer


Annie is a UI/UX Designer with a background in Human Resources. HR and UX are quite similar when it comes to the need for a human-centered mindset and therefore complement each other around the human and the product. Annie’s goal is to design products and experiences that are meaningful and impactful.

Annie approaches design and leadership with a focus on people, establishing empathy for both the people who make and the people who use the products she helps bring to life. Outside of her work life, she is a huge outdoorsy person who loves to hike, camp, and fish. She can instantly become friends with people who love nature as much as she does.

Tatiana Supikova

UX/UI Designer


Tatiana Supikova is a creative and enthusiastic UX/UI designer with a background in graphic design and signage. She believes design itself has a great influence on the way people interact with the world, what they see and how they feel. She also believes the impact from designers is a force that can help bring more positive changes in our world.

She started her career as a graphic designer in a small ad agency in Russia in 2006, while studying design in Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. She never stopped learning even after graduating and developed a very diverse skill set through working on various projects from simple catalogs design and signage to branding.

Today Tatiana is a certified UX/UI designer who creates great user experiences through thoughtful, innovative and creative designs. Tatiana holds a Certificate in UX/UI Career track from Springboard online learning platform. This particular program is a full-time 9-month long immersive design program intended to give students a broad and deep understanding of all UX-related deliverables and processes.


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